The Verdict: Should You Try Out G-Fuel Energy Drink?

G-Fuel, known for hiring Booth Babes at conventions and an advertising campaign that feels like its managed by the guys behind Total Frat Move but is the product any good? If you are a regular at gaming conventions you’ve probably tried samples but is it worth shelling out cash for a full tub? Does it taste good enough and work well enough to become a normal part of your dally gaming/LIFE routine? Well that’s what I set out to answer with this product review!

Should You Try Out G-Fuel Energy Drink?

I am EXTREMELY skeptical of supplements in general BUT I’ve been pushing myself to stream more, be more alert on camera, and work harder at building an audience which has led to later nights and longer streams. To push through the grind I was drinking Rock Star Energy drinks or Monster Energy drinks almost daily. The sugar intake bothered me, not trying to be a diabetic by the time I turn 30, and those drinks caused some wicked jitters followed by deep crashes. It was time to try something else so I bought a full tub of Green Apple flavored G-Fuel and committed to trying it on stream for at least 2 weeks. So how did it go?? I’ve broken the experience down by cost, taste, and effectiveness, check it out.

Is G-Fuel Worth The Money?

Its worth the money! There are PLENTY of sale opportunities for purchasing G-Fuel but ill assume that you are making a full price purchase of a single tub and buying a shaker cup if it’s the first time you’ve tried G-Fuel. A 40 serving tub with a shaker and shipping will run you roughly $55.50 with some variation due to your shipping costs (I shipped to western Pennsylvania). HOLY UP FRONT COSTS BATMAN $55.50!!! Remember, this is full sticker price which you will rarely pay due to very regular sales (like this summer favorites sale) and readily available discount codes (like “doc” for DrDisrespectLive) but even at the full price you get 40 servings per tub which rounds out to $1.39 a serving. The best price I can find on lower tier brand energy drinks is $1 per can and for the most premier brands the best price I’ve found is $2 for a Rock Star Energy drink. Given that you are getting a far superior product than low tier energy drinks and the one time cost of a shaker is included in the $1.39 per serving price I give G-Fuel a near perfect score on value. If you are a regular energy drink consumer buying the higher tier brands (Monster, Rock Star, Red Bull), G-fuel will save you money over time and you’ll feel better by dodge nasty crashes and lowering your sugar/calorie intake. Its worth the $$$ if you are spending it on other energy drinks anyway.

How Does G-Fuel Taste?

The taste is alright, not wonderful, just alright.  This review is mostly centered around the Green Apple flavor so take that into consideration when reading. I like sour things so going with Green Apple made sense. I have tried other g-fuel flavors in smaller amounts at conventions as single serving samples. All of the flavors I have tried have one thing in common, THEY HAVE A LOT OF FLAVOR (more of an observation that a complaint)!! The Green Apple is very sour (which I like) but buyers should beware that the recommended single scoop in a normal 16oz shaker is going to pack a flavorful punch! The flavors are not unpleasant, just strong. You could experiment with using less powder per serving to dilute the flavor but you won’t be getting a full energy boost in that case. I do have a complaint about the chalkiness or a feeling that you can never get the powder to completely dissolve. You’ll find yourself shaking the drink before every sip. I found that after two weeks of drinking it for maybe four days a week I got used to the taste and I barely notice it now. They have a wide variety of flavors which is a good thing but you’ll have to make a few purchases to adequately test the whole spectrum or consider picking up the G Fuel Premium Pack for 21.99 plus shipping which will give you a single serving pack of all 17 flavors. Not a bad way to figure out what your favorite is at a reasonable price.

Does G-Fuel Work?

Yes it does! It’s not as effective as ole reliable Monster Energy or other mainstream branded energy drink, but its definitely more effective than coffee and doesn’t come with a crash. I have to give G-Fuel credit for going the no sugar route and the fact that it comes with a healthy dose of vitamin C, E, and a few of the Bs which make it a “better for you” alternative to traditional energy drinks. I did not try the caffeine free, Orange flavor of G-Fuel but even the caffeinated flavors have a reasonable 150mg of caffeine for a single serving in a 16 oz shaker. By comparison, a strong, 8oz cup of brewed coffee can reach or exceed this number. G-fuel gives you a meaningful energy lift without spamming your system full of sugar and excessive caffeine. It gets the job done without abusing your body more than you already do….

Other Thoughts…

G-Fuel Girls Chilling at a Booth

G-Fuel Girls Chilling at a Booth

I have been turned off in the past by a super “BROtastic” branding effort. The use of “booth babes”, as they are affectionately known, has always been a bit of a turn off to me with the exception of cosplayers (they are at least producing gaming relevant content!). I rejected trying G-Fuel for a while because of their marketing but decided to give it a shot for this product review. I have been pleasantly surprised, it’s a high quality product and I hope their branding continues to mature and reflects the fact that they don’t need to use cheap sales tactics to sell what is already a great product. Interestingly and probably not known to the gaming audience is that G-Fuel or Gamma Labs markets the same product to the extreme fitness and fitness as a life style consumer (aka Cross fit people). Not that these audiences necessarily conflict but its great to see the gaming market being taken seriously by a brand that already has a foothold in health and fitness.

The Verdict!

Yes! Give it a shot! Great value despite what seems like a high up front cost, you’ll get used to the taste and can experiment with dilution and different flavors. It’s very effective as an energy supplement, and you’ll look cool with a shaker cup from a brand that, despite being a bit immature, is here to stay. G-Fuel will be a regular occurrence on my streams going forward! I just ordered tubs of Grape and Watermelon with sample packs for Coconut and Fazeberry. Check in with me on Twitter to see which is my favorite!

Author: James ” Plague” Inks



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