5 Ways to Help IGC Without Spending a Dime

Infirmary Gaming Community was founded with the intention of being a “Community First” organization. We strive to create the best damn gaming venue on the internet by providing entertainment, giveaways, and a well moderated community to play in. Low toxicity and high quality is what we aim for. While many of the Founders and Mods invest countless hours and a decent chunk of cash behind the scenes WE NEED YOUR HELP to keep the community growing!.

Here are 5 FREE ways you can help Infirmary Gaming Community be the best damn gaming community the internet has to offer! 

1. Twitch Auto-Hosting! 

Wanna be the Oprah Winfrey of Twitch? The Conan O’Brian of our Hearts? The Jimmie Kimmel of our Streams?! (They host things….. get it?) … If you have a Twitch account you can help us by adding our Sponsored Content Creators to your Auto Host List!
When they go live your Twitch Channel will automatically feature their stream! Going Live Yourself?! DONT WORRY! Twitch will automatically turn the hosting off when you go Live. Adding our Sponsored Content Creators to your host lists helps spread the Brand and shows support for our hard working Content Creators! Its easy to add people. 

(1) Log into Twitch

(2) Click this and scroll down

(3) Turn on Auto Hosting!

(3) Add all of your favorite streamers! 

 Twitch has a Comprehensive Guide to how hosting works and why it is so beneficial! There are few better ways to show support!
Here is a list of Infirmary Gaming Community’s “Sponsored Streamers” please consider adding them to your host list! plague_bearer , mygamingcorner89 , mercedita1207 , graffixg , swift4runner , racergsr ,  dragonking4831

2. Links, Links, and More Links….


We love those links…. but that’s not what we are talking about. We are talking about this link www.infirmarygaming.com ! Search engines like Google count how many external links exist to a website. Google counts those links as a “vote” for a websites credibility and ranks the website higher in search results. Help www.Infirmarygaming.com climb to the top page by adding the link to the “about me” section of you steam profile, you tube, twitter, facebook, or anywhere else! Its a small thing to do that will bring more gamers into the greatness that is Infirmary Gaming Community!

3. Write a Game Review or Article for the Website! 

Feeling creative? Just finish a great game and want to share your thoughts!? You too can be a content creator on the website! we like to interact with all the members from IGC and each of you has a unique view on a certain game or movie and we would love to hear them! There are many games out there, but so little time laughing so if you found something that piqued your interest, was worth a second look, or was just really fun to play, write about it! let us know!  Interested in writing? Contact Plague on Twitter, in Discord, or by Emaill ( Plaguepgh@gmail.com)

4. Bring Your Friends and Get Social! 

Nothing gets the Founders more excited than jam packed voice chats of people playing games together….. I’m serious….. I love it. Do you have a group of Friends that normally play in another discord? Consider bringing them over to Infirmary Gaming Community! If they resist tell them we have giveaways and tournaments!  If they continue to resist…. kid nap them. This link will bring anyone you want into the Community use it with blatant disregard, talk to strangers.  http://discord.gg/igc .

5. Get Active! 

IGC is a crazy place, full of colorful people, amazing personalities, and fun people to hang with! So why not join a voice channel, interact, get to know one another, and take over the gaming world laughing. Form teams in Overwatch, Smite, or league! Try to survive together in Dead by Daylight or just simply, hang in the Jukebox channel and listen to some music and chill! Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Social Media accounts for community news. We like to interact with out members, they are amazing and such a pleasure to hang around with! Never a dull moment!! Every shoutout, retweet, tweet, comment does a lot! Social media plays an important part in the streamers life, so if you feel like that person is worth it, let the world know!!!

Infirmary Gaming doesn’t exist without YOU! We hope to see you soon.

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